• What comes closest to describing you in general: Hammer or Nail? I guess i would describe myself as a hammer because I like to take authority and get tasks, or nails, done. By hammering them away.
  • Your Creativity: Snowflake or boiling water? I would describe my creativity as a snowflake because it is unique and interesting like a snowflake.
  • At School: Tree or Wind? At school i would describe myself as the wind because i breeze through the day taking everything as it comes by.
  • Were the in class exercises making you feel more flexible or frustrated? I would say Flexible.


Hello, My name is Jorge Velasco and I am freshman here at ASU Polytechnic. My main focus here in the GIT program is to learn how to design a video game, whether its from creating the characters and environments, or creating the animations in cut scenes. I love to play video games ever since I was a little boy. I was amazed on how i can traverse through entirely different worlds and escape reality. When i Graduate from ASU, i would like love to either make video games at a major video game comapany, or design video games myself and start my own business that way. Basically, I’m going to be making video games.Image